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When selling on Amazon you want to know what tools are the best. Welcome to FBA Tool Reviews, here you will find all the information you need to make the right decision when starting your Amazon FBA Business. The reviews you see on our site are reviews left by the users themselves. Yes we use affiliate links this and the sponsors help

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tactical arbitrage

FBA Sourcing Tool

fba wizard pro

FBA Sourcing Tool

FBA Sourcing Software

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fba wizard pro

FBA Wizard Pro

Price from: £55.84/mo


FBA Wizard PRO is a online arbitrage tool that scans the top retailers sites, finds you the best deals then notifies you when completed by email. You can set a certain criteria to find them little gems.

It can also analyse lists direct from your wholesale company and pick out the profitable items.


Other Features include: Reverse, Euro, Stack & Merchant.

UK & USA Compatible


tactical arbitrage


Price: $99.00/mo


Tactical Arbitrage is a web based software that allows Amazon sellers to search from a huge number of 3rd party stores (over 400 supported sites).

Find products that you can buy at low prices and sell on Amazon for a profit. Works on mobile devices

Other Features: Amazon flips supported,Book Flipping Tool, Hide OOS Items. And many more.

UK & USA Compatible

10 Day Free Trial with - Use code: REVIEW10




Price: $99.00/mo


​​Google Chrome Extension.Use on your favourite retailer websites on any category or search page. With one click, you'll get a spreadsheet of items you can sell on Amazon for a profit.

10 day free trial with

UK & USA Compatible.


fba wizard

FBA Wizard Bar

Price: £97.00/yr


Browser add-on that helps you make the right decision when buying to sell on Amazon. Includes:

Monthly Sales Estimator

Competitor Stock Checker

Chance of winning Buy Box

Best seller rank

+other customised settings.

UK&USA Compatible


FBA Leads UK

Price: £49.95/mo


Automated leads FBA Sourcing list sent to your inbox daily for a small fee under £1.35 a day. Great Value Kit. Worth having as an extra or as your main leads supplier. Best part you don't have to do anything or spend time looking.

Customer support: Great fast response.

Spaces are limited to stop saturation.

Currently UK Only



Price from: £99.00


Get Ungated is a service that helps you unlock them restricted categories on Amazon. So far they have a 100% success rate. But even if you're an unlucky one who can't get ungated they will give you 100% refund. You'll have 2 options either the outsource personal service or they offer a course/guide to direct you to ungatting.

Personalised Service UK & USA Compatible

Course UK ONLY


Zen Arbitrage

Price: $79.00/mo


Zen Arbitrage finds low priced books and other items from Amazon sellers and allows you to resell them at a higher FBA price.


Offer a 5 day free trial

UK & USA Compatible


Profit Sourcery

Price from: £25.00/mo


This tool sends 3-10 deals a day to you via the online software.Login daily and automatically receive your leads.

ProfitSourcery sends its members a daily list of Amazon products that they can buy much cheaper from other trusted merchants.

Minimum Leads - Roi 35%+, 7%+ BSR

7 day Trial

UK & USA Compatible


Cleer Platinum

Price: $97.00


Cleer platinum is a chrome add-on when searching Amazon listings, you can get the tool to search the selected online stores to find the item cheaper. Or it works in reverse go onto a stores site and get Cleer Platinum to find it cheaper on Amazon.


Comes with built in FBA Calculator.

Bonus content included

1 time payment

USA Only



Price from: $39.97/mo


This tool has many features that could benefit you run and grow your Amazon business.

Sales Data: Know Your Profit, Keyword Tracking, Automated Feedback Collection, Top most profitable best sellers,Inventory Monitoring, Page Views & Conversion %

10 Day FREE Trial - Exclusive FBATOOLS Price $39.97

UK & USA Compatible