Dropshipping from eBay to Amazon or Shopify

Dropshipping is a big part of ecommerce, many people when they decide they want to get into dropshipping they will decide that Aliexpress is the way to go, but with aliexpress comes a lot of problems, the major problem you will find is having to wait over 3 weeks for your item to arrive to the customer, now a better way to get around this would be to dropship direct from an eBay seller, follow these very easy steps.

Step 1:

Find an item you want to dropship from eBay I’m going to use a fidget cube as our example

Step 2:

Select the right Qty/Colour etc. Then click “Buy it now”

Step 3:

Enter your payment method : Paypal or Card

Now under the Post to section change your address to the delivery address

Next click the message to seller and leave the seller a message something like "please leave the invoice out of the package it is being sent as a gift”

Confirm & Pay.

And that is it pretty simple and so much faster and safer than Aliexpress.

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