Free Amazon FBA Calculator

Free Amazon FBA Calculator

So when it comes to FBA calculators you will find there are free options. In most cases the paid calculators are better but if you’re just starting out and you need something to get going they’re great.

Option No.1

Option 1 is Amazons own calculator you will find this one here:

This one is constantly in its beta stage and I do actually believe that 99% of calculators on the market are actually built on top of this one. The main issue I have with this tool is that you will have to enter the info in manually; where as other tools will automatically do this for you, saving you time. If for some reason your paid calculator is not working check this page and see if Amazons calculator is working you will probably notice that it’s not. And it’s just an issue with Amazon.

Option No.2

This option is an actual add on for chrome, so head over to the chrome web store and search for “fba calculator”

Install it.

With this tool you will need to be on the Amazon product page then click the extension in the top right hand corner.

Once you click the extension it will take you to another page where all the info has been inputted automatically, a lot simpler if you ask me.

We do feature some paid calculators on our site take a look, they do give out more info than the free calculators and help you make better buying decisions. Click Here

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